Thursday, March 1, 2012


There is a lot about life I still have yet to understand. I've found myself in a place where various things (mainly my faith) is being attacked from various angles. Sitting here at this event filled with people with laughter & happiness written all over their face. The crazy thing is that you never know what's going on in any of their heads or life and all I could think of is who are we trying to impress by unitedly suppressing our realities. So, what's going on in my head? One question mainly..."How did I get here? "Here" can be defined as a state where I do not want to be or ever see myself being at. "Here" is where I'm facing one of the biggest battles of my life. Finding Myself. Who am I really? I supposed this is supposed to be part of what we like to refer to as "growing pains". This "here" battle has been ongoing for some time now. To be exact about 5 years. I am now 24 years old & I feel more victorious now that ever before! The flip side is "The more victorious I am, the harder the battle seems to get".
It's simple. Just like a person who was poor gets rich & the richer, the harder it is to maintain that "rich" status. In the same way, the closer you are to God, the more of a challenge it is because you become more of a target to the enemy. He will lock ALL of his missles at any & every area of your life that he can. This is why it is important to stay PRAYED UP & Fast without Ceasing! Any well groomed & trained soldier of God's army will be able to find a way out of anything the devil may throw in their direction.
As a Christian, life doesn't get easier. It's not all sunshine and vacation time when we surrender our lives to God but the difference is we have HOPE! With Hope, you can survive ANYTHING!
I remember my pastor preaching one Sunday morning around the time of the Haiti 7.0 earthquake. He spoke about some people who were found alive under the rubble several weeks after the incident. They were asked how they survived without any food, water little to no air to sustain them.
"As long as we saw the little light among the rubble, we had hope!"
Nobody could hear them scream or could have known they were there but a little light among the rubble gave them Hope & that Hope was enough to give the strength to not GIVE UP! In the same way, Christ is that little light for me whenever I find myself among the rubble! and other times, it's people that God has placed in my life. So I know I will SURVIVE!